Trabalho da Formanda- Rita Raínho

A five-year-old child was playing next to a monkey cage at the Santo Inácio Zoo, in Vila Nova de Gaia, when he attacked him and pulled his finger out.

Monkey’s cage in Santo Inácio Zoo


The child was playing next to the monkey's cage when the monkey attacked and pulled his finger. The incident occurred around 11 AM. The firefighters and the police of Avintes were called to the place, who managed to enter the cage and even recover the finger. The child was taken to the hospital of São João in Porto and according to the hospital sources, the boy is being watched by specialists in Orthopedics, Pediatric Surgery and Plastic Surgery.

The Santo Inácio Zoo says that it investigated the accident's contours, "having verified that the safety rules would have been broken, as the animal was being fed (more precisely with peanuts) by the visitors", which is strictly prohibited. The institution also clarifies that nothing will happen to the animals, "maintaining the continuity of all care by the keepers and the veterinary team, guaranteeing their well-being".

Monkey’s cage in Santo Inácio Zoo, where safety standards are visible next to it


“The safety plans of zoological parks are created taking into account the category of risk of the species, such as size, speed or bite, but also the type of installation where they are, including several warnings that alert visitors to safety measures to comply with, namely not to feed, nor to touch the animals. All plans implemented are aimed at ensuring, at all times, the safety of keepers, animals and visitors”, adds the Zoo.


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